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I cannot say enough about my trainer! We sent our German Shepherd because walking him was really tough, he pulled and barked at everyone who passed by. Now we walk right past everyone and he is perfect. We then decided to bring our Lhasa/Shih Tuz mix… he is the most stubborn dog I have ever met!

The second we would open the door he would bolt and wouldn’t come back. My trainer brought him back and just let him out of the car and had him just walk right up to the house! Incredible! He turned our two stubborn puppies into dogs who actually listen to us! I will never have another dog without bringing them to my trainer!

Aimee Brick
Aimee Brick.  // Verified Facebook Review

did a great job

My trainer recently spent some time with Oakley. He did a great job, spent the time with him, and Oakley came back today a different dog. We can tell my trainer really loves the dogs he gets to spend time with while working on their behavior.
Shane Miller
Shane Miller  // Verified Facebook Review

Best trainers in the state!

They give you a well balanced and happy dog, with immaculate off leash obedience in all environments. I highly recommend OLK9 Green Bay.
Bud Hancock
Bud Hancock.   // Verified Facebook Review

training in the Midwest!

They did wonders for our 1-year old black lab. Professional, thorough, and so wonderful with our pup. We can’t recommend them enough!!
Michael S
Michael S.   // Verified Facebook Review

Worth Every Penny

It’s been almost a year since I had put both of my dogs through the Off Leash K9 Training and I can honestly say that the training was worth every penny. You do have to be consistent, and keep up with the training, but it has given my dogs so much confidence and it shows how happier they are than they were before the training.

Even after all this time, I can still contact my trainer with a question, and she provides guidance. They are true professionals that care greatly for the well-being of the dogs that they train.

J. Moore  // Verified Google Review

Great job!

My German Shepherd is a whole new dog! I can not believe how well behaved he is now! A huge thank you to my trainer for getting my dog straight! Great job!
Carmen T
Carmen T.  // Verified Facebook Review

Well Worth It

“Miranda was great. We brought in our lab mix who had no training whatsoever. After our classes Hank can sit, place, and walk without a leash. He started class a wild animal and left a domesticated house pet. The price is well worth it. You get an hour of one on one training. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Rachel N
Rachel N.  // Verified Signpost Review

Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!

Our trainer took our Abby who was somewhat out of control and trained our girl to be much easier to manage. Our trainer was in contact with us almost on a daily basis which helped us with the separation. we cant thank you enough!!!!! Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!
Debbie W.  // Verified Facebook Review

The Best Decision We Made!

The best decision that we could have made with training our dog. It’s well worth it!! The dog is better in every aspect because of the training. We enjoy our girl so much more!! Don’t wait, do it!!
Jamie Yelp Review
Jamie W.  // Verified Elite Yelp Reviewer

Life Today Is So Sweet!

We knew going into working with our trainer that our sweet pup Marker would emerge a well behaved family pet. But throughout the entire process,our trainer included us in every step of the way. Pictures of Marker’s progress, videos of him.

We felt like even though we did the board and train program and missed having Marker at home for two weeks, we were still there. We loved being part of the Off Leash family and life with Marker today is so so sweet!


Stephanie H.
Carmen T.  // Verified Signpost Review

OLK9 Was Our Last Resort

We thought our dog was incorrigible and would never be trainable or disciplined. He was kicked out of 3 dog obedience classes. In addition to the fact the obedience classes were expensive, they were very disappointing. Even the dog obedience trainers could not get him to follow commands.

Off Leash K9 Training was our last resort. If they couldn’t help us and our dog, then we had no options. However, we were unsure about the Off Leash K9 Training because of the electric collar, but, as it turned out, it was the only way to get our dog’s attention. Once we completed the training, we never had to use the collar again. Our dog followed commands almost immediately and we all got along much better.

William B
William B.  // Verified Yelp Review

We can't thank enough

He trained our dog Sullivan, a very energetic, 1 year old goldendoodle. Prior to training with my trainer, Sully knew basic commands but seemed to often forget them unless a treat was involved. We never let him off leash, as his recall wasn’t good and he was easily distracted.

He also chewed on socks and clothing, and was mouthy when playing. We wanted someone to train him to take his bad behaviors away but wanted him to remain the cuddly puppy that we’ve come to love. When my trainer returned Sully to us, we were shocked. We immediately walked Sully outside without a leash, and he listened well.

We’ve had Sully back for over a month now, and his behavior has improved tremendously. We continue to work with him daily to reinforce what Mike taught him. His recall and heel are amazing, and we let him play off leash all the time.

We contemplated spending money on an electric fence prior to this training, but realized after the training, an electric fence isn’t needed anymore because Sully now knows his boundaries, and always comes when called.

We can’t thank our trainer enough for the work he did with Sully!

Chris Stephen
Chris Stephen  // Verified Facebook Review

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